A Disease With A Spiritual Cause

 A Disease With A Spiritual Cause


Have you asked yourself the question: What is the reason that over the last half-century we haven’t made any significant progress in the war on curing addiction? Could it be that the reason is because we haven’t adequately determined the real cause of this disease? Does the causal truth of treating addiction as a spiritual disease, rather than the many different conventional secular beliefs which have not resulted in solving the problem, answer the question? 

Let me read you something from, “Freedom from Addiction 3.

There’s something missing in the search for happiness and fulfillment in our lives which is mistakenly sought through food, alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography, and all the other addictive behaviors. We try to find the answer to that missing something in things that are common and available.

Imagine Libra’s scale with physical pleasures and pursuits in the form of eggs in one basket and spiritual eggs in the other. Pretend there are only so many eggs available for an individual’s baskets. When a physical trait is removed, the egg moves to the spiritual side, and vice versa. To load up on one side of the scale lightens the other side.

Now visualize the physical basket loaded with delights of the five senses: taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing. Visualize the spiritual basket filled with spiritual traits: love, contentment, acceptance, joy, security, compassion, courage, patience, happiness, and peace-of-mind.

Yielding to addictive behaviors involves loading your eggs in the physical basket and taking them away from the spiritual side. As more eggs are transferred from the spiritual basket to the physical basket, one’s life becomes less balanced and less manageable. With a relative spiritual void, a subconscious aching need develops. To succeed in filling this void, eggs must be transferred back from the physical basket. As spiritual efforts increase, physical symptoms decrease.

So how do we fill this spiritual void? We can accomplish this by following a spiritual path in our journey through life. Some examples are 12 step programs, church attendance, Bible study, prayer, meditation, and detaching from materialistic possessions and associations.

Which spiritual path works the best for you? This question is best answered through prayer and meditation. One asks for advice and waits on the answer until it comes.

Everyone’s degree of difficulty and distress from the symptoms of addiction are different, and one individual’s symptoms never exactly equals anothers. Fortunately the type and degree make absolutely no difference in the spiritual treatment program, which is the same for all.

Freedom from Addiction 3,” which is available on Amazon, will provide you the understanding needed for spiritual growth. You may not be ready today to admit your helplessness and to surrender control back to God, but hopefully this exposure will give you the answers you need when you are ready.

Look deep inside yourself. What is your life trying to tell you? When you are ready there will be someone to help you. Have faith because faith is what it takes to succeed, to walk away from your pain and suffering. Learn more at www.revwinnhendersonmd.com. and listen to my free podcast at: www.freedomfromaddiction.libsyn.com.

 A Disease With A Spiritual Cause

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