About Dr. Henderson

Rev. Winn Henderson M.D. is a retired physician with over 20 years of clinical experience. He is the author or co-author of 43 books including The Cure of Addiction, The Four Questions, Share Your Mission, The Deposition, The Secret to Happiness, The 12 Steps: A Recovery Program Explained and Revised, The Secret to Happiness, Freedom From Addiction, Freedom From Addiction II, and most recently Freedom From Addiction 3.

For the last 40+ years Dr. Henderson has been counseling both in person and by telephone clients from all over the world on issues of addiction and finding one’s purpose in life.

He is the host of a 17 year long running radio talk show: Share Your Mission which seeks to give examples of how having a life purpose brings happiness, contentment, joy, peace of mind, and success. Dr. Henderson’s mission in life is to help you find yours. Since 2016 the doctor has presented a podcast on iTunes entitled: Freedom From Addiction.

Dr. Henderson has quite a story to tell of his personal transformation in 1990 and how he reinvented himself. You can read the back story in Freedom From Addiction (2011).You can contact the doctor at 828-508-7981 or winn@winnhenderson.com.

  • Undergraduate Studies:  LaGrange College, LaGrange, Georgia. Dean’s  List. 1964 1968,  A.B.
  • Graduate StudiesUniversity of Alabama, School of Medicine, Birmingham, Ala. 1968 1972 M.D.
  • Internship:  Rotating O / Family Practice I,  St.  Elizabeth’s Medical  Center, Dayton, Ohio  1972 1973.
  • Residency:  Aerospace Medicine, Brooks Air Force Base, Part 1 1973.
  • Military Service:  Major, USAF, 1973 1976, Honorable Discharge.
  • Board Certification:   American Board of Family Practice,  1977, 1983, American Board of Emergency Medicine, 1984
  • Memberships:   American Association of Christian Counselors (Charter)


Publications: (Partial List of 41)

  •     1991  The Cure of   Addiction
  •     1993   Doctors Don’t Lie 
  •     1995   The 12 Steps (Explained and Revised)
  •     1998   The Four Questions                                            
  •     2000   Share Your Mission, Vol. 1
  •     2001   Share Your Mission, Vol.2
  •     2002   The Sacrifice Diet
  •     2002   Share Your Mission, Vol.3
  •     2003   Wake Up…. Live The Life You Love ( #1 National Best Seller)
  •     2003   Wake Up….Live The Life You Love (Purpose, Passion, Abundance)
  •     2004   Wake Up….Live The Life You Love (Living on Purpose)
  •     2004   The Deposition
  •     2004   Recovering Your Lost Self From Adversity
  •     2005   Share Your Mission, Vol.4
  •     2005   Wake Up….Live The Life You Love (Gratitude)
  •     2006   Feed The Hungry Diet
  •     2007   Share Your Mission, Vol.5
  •     2007   Wake Up, Live The Life You Love (A Search For Purpose)
  •     2007   101 Ways To Increase Your Bottom Line
  •     2007   The Secret To Happiness
  •     2009   Wake Up, Live The Life You Love (Moments)
  •     2009   How To Publish Your Next Book For Under $100
  •     2009   Living In The Now
  •     2010   Intimate Connections
  •     2011   Freedom From Addiction
  •     2014   Intimate Connections
  •     2014   Freedom From Addiction II
  •     2017   Freedom From Addiction 3


Appointments & Professional Experiences:

  •  1976-1978  Courtesy Staff, UTMRCH, Knoxville, Tennessee, Clinical Instructor, Emergency Department
  •  1978-1982 Staff Emergency Physician/Director of Emergency  Physicians, Morristown       Hamblen  Morristown, TN
  •  1982-1990  Federal Aviation Medical Examiner.
  •  1983-1984  Staff Emergency Physician/Chairman, Emergency  Department, St. Mary’s Medical Center,  Knoxville, TN
  •  1984-1985  Staff Emergency Physician, Methodist Medical Center, Oak  Ridge, Tennessee
  •  1985-1990  Director, East Tennessee Medical, Acute Care Clinic
  •  1990-1992  Counseling (Addiction Medicine) and research:Kennedy Center, Morgantown, WVA
  •  1992   Director, The Recovery Group, Sylva, N.C.,  Television, radio talk shows, public speaking, and seminars on the subject of addiction
  •  1998-present  Founded The Destiny House, Sylva, N.C.   [ A mountain retreat dedicated to helping  individuals discover the reason for their creation and developing a plan to fulfill their mission
  •  1998-present  Host and producer of the radio/internet interview talk show: Share Your Mission
  •  1999-present  U.S. Patent  #5,976,505 –  Method of Cryogenically Treating Psoriasis
  •  2002-present  Faculty of Unity Seminary, Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
  •  2003-present  Faculty of Fillmore Seminary, Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
  •  2005-present  Adjunct Faculty, Southwestern Community College, N.C.
  •  1997-2006  Toast Masters, Past President
  •  2006  Jackson County Visual Artist Association, President
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