Richard from The Isle of Man (a small isle between England and Ireland):

“Dear Dr. Henderson, I have just finished reading your book, Freedom from Addiction. I can honestly say it has changed my life. I have been struggling with Alcohol addiction for a very long time and three weeks ago Monday got fired for being drunk on site. For some strange reason, I knew this was God’s intervention. My wife, exasperated as you can imagine, gave me your book. Since then my life has begun to change in the most positive of ways. I have not picked up a drink for 22 days, am going to rehab voluntarily next month and I have started my new, improved, spiritual life. I thank you for your insights, guidance, and love that emulates from your book. I shall be starting it again. Thank you. Richard”


What other authors said about The Four Questions (which is a previous edition of Freedom From Addiction 3 with no significant changes)

If you read one self help book in the next year, let it be The Four Questions. It takes over your mind, reads itself to you, and changes your perspective on life. If your life is not what you want it to be this is the best investment you could ever make to improve it. Dr. Henderson articulates the warmest, friendliest, and most precise path to personal happiness that you could ever find in print.” Dr. Jay Lehr, Author of Fit, Firm, and 50.

The Four Questions reads well and is easy to follow……it delves deep into the psychologic. His questions are spiritual and psychological in nature and get inside to break up fallow ground and then to exorcize the demons within. Jim Price, Newspaper columnist, Midsummer Night’s Dream.

“I loved, loved, loved reading Dr. Henderson’s new book, The Four Questions. It is the book on addiction (of every kind and nature). This book should be used as a text book and made a must reading in every high school and college throughout the world to make this earth a better place to live in. If you, or a family member or friend, wants to effectively and inexpensively (just the cost of the book) get rid of any type of addiction or addictive behavior that adversely affects your happiness and joy of living, this book is a must.” Sidney Freeman, Member of the New York and Florida Bar. Author of Life After Death.

“You haven’t missed a thing, in terms of naming the deadening effects of addiction and also setting out a straight forward plan for exactly what needs to be done about it. There is not a person in the United States who couldn’t benefit from your insights.” Christiane Northrup, M.D; Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom.

“Dr. Henderson’s Book, The Four Questions, challenges us to face the reality of our lives. Your answers to his vital questions could alter your life forever. This is a life changing book that can make the world a better place for all who read it.” Lester Sauvage, M.D; Pioneer Coronary Bypass Heart Surgeon and Author of The Open Heart: Secret To Happiness, You Can Beat heart Disease: Prevention and Treatment, and The Better Life Diet: A Simple Plan For A Long and Youthful Life.

I believe your book will be a real contribution to the world.” Jed Diamond, Author of The Warrior’s Journey Home: Healing Men, Healing the Planet, and Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places: Overcoming Romantic and Sexual Addictions.

“Life is too short and important to waste your precious time in pain and suffering. The Four Questions will lift your spirits and help you create the life you desire and deserve.” Dr Ellen Kreidman, Author of the New York Times bestsellers: Light His Fire and Light Her Fire and more recently Is There Sex After Kids? The Ten Second Kiss, and Single No More. Developer of a highly successful relationship infomercial. keynote speaker, seminar developer and facilitator. and on-line relationship advise expert.

“… your sincerity and genuiness shine through. I love your attempt to reach out and help others. You put your heart and soul in this and my prayers are with you.” Shelly Marshall, Professional Speaker and Author of Day by Day, Young, Sober and Free, and Your Dream of Recovery.

The Four Questions touches at the very essence of life. It guides the way to healing, recovery, and fullness of life at the deepest levels.” Brenda Shoshanna PhD. Psychologist and Psychotherapist. Author of 365 Ways to Give Thanks.

“Dr. Winn Henderson not only poses the four questions, but also guides readers through both answers and solutions in reaching happiness in their lives….a must read.” Joe Sabah, author ofHow to Get on Radio Talk Shows All Across America Without leaving Your Home or Office.

“A fascinating look at how to overcome addictions, obstacles and fears.”   Randy Gage, Author ofHow to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine.

“This is it! God bless you!” Glenn W. Turner, Author of Total Life Power, Seminar leader, “The Grandfather of MLM.”

The Four Questions will get you thinking and keep you thinking. I wish you the best in your writing endeavors and continued success.” Mark Victor Hansen. Co-Author of Chicken Soup for The Soul Anthologies.

“I learned a great deal from your book, The Four Questions. I believe learning from each other is what life is all about.” Dr. Anneliese Widman. Author of My Female, My Male, My Self and God, A Modern Woman in Search of Her Soul, Ascending to Reunion, and Rage at God.

“Dr. Henderson has an infectious energy, sincerity, and commitment that leaps out at you from every page. Reading this short, clear book gives you both the motivation and the method to get that monkey off your back.” Dr. J.Robert Adams, Author of Surviving Death and NIH researcher.

The Four Questions” is filled to the brim and overflowing with solid, helpful, practical, enlightening, positive ideas for everyone who is addicted Well done, Dr. Henderson, very well done!”Dottie Walters, CSP, Author of Speak and Grow Rich, President of Walters international Speakers Bureau. Publisher of Sharing Ideas.

“What if you had a million dollar inheritance and nobody told you? The Four Questions is a great guide for finding your inheritance. It provides a practical tool for shifting into high gear…..more giving, more happiness, more of the abundance that is our birthright.” Bonnie St. John Deane, Olympic Silver Medal Winner, Rhode’s Scholar, Author of Succeeding Sane.

“Dr. Henderson’s The Four Questions is a practical, accessible, straight-talking guide to overcoming addictions. It advocates that people do so by nurturing their spiritual resources, thereby opening up new hope, pride, opportunities, and sources of meaning in life. It speaks most strongly to people who embrace Christian beliefs and values, whether or not they adhere to any particular denomination. The author’s earnest desire to motivate and help people relieve suffering and find greater happiness shine clearly through the pages of the book, as does the sense that he ’walks’ his own talk.” Mary Jacobsen, M.S.W., PhD, a licensed psychotherapist and social worker, teacher, counselor, career coach and workshop leader. She is the author of Hand Me Down Dreams: How Families Influence Our Career Paths and How We Can Reclaim Them.

“I loved The Four Questions! You can’t get any simpler than this and end up on top. Cheers to Dr. Henderson for making us look within for our own answers. Micki Voisard, author of Cancer, Then Healing.

“We long for fulfillment in our lives and in ignorance seek ways to fill that longing with many addictive behaviors. Dr. Henderson, in his book, The Four Questions, guides the reader in awakening to the source of wholeness and fulfillment that resides within each of us, which is the most important discovery we will ever make as spiritual beings living a human experience. A must read for everyone. “Joyce Nelson Patenaude, PhD; a licensed psychologist and author of Too Tired To Keep Running, Too Scared To Stop and Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life.

“Dr. Henderson gets to the basics when he asks The Four Questions. He gives the reader the enlightenment to answer the questions and a blueprint for living a successful life. Read his book and learn how to be a free and complete person.” Barbara Del Buono, author of Acknowledged A Man, victim’s rights and brain injury advocate.

The Four Questions is an important book with a lot of down-to-earth wisdom. I believe that Dr. Henderson’s advice can be of great help and encouragement to people who are fearful and hurting. He covers many aspects of human need: depression, addictions, and the often unfulfilled search for meaning and happiness in life.” Cristoph Arnold, Founder of Bruderhof, Minister, Peace advocate, Editor of The Plough, and author of several books including: A Plea For Purity, A Little Child Shall Lead Them, I Tell You a Mystery, Seventy Time Seven, and Cries From The Heart.

“If you ask yourself trivial questions, your life will seem a soap opera. If you ask yourself great questions, your life will be a life of greatness. This book, about these four great questions of the ages, will help you step out of a quiet life of desperation and move forward into a powerful life of inspiration, a life of significance and meaning.” Dr. Richard Bellamy, Author of 12 Secrets for Manifesting Your Vision. Inspiration, and Purpose: How to Make Your Dreams Come True.

The Four Questions is curatively profound.” Dr. Larry Clifton, Author of Your Platform is the World.

“In terms of spiritual understanding, The Four Questions, hits the mark….a bulls eye! It explains simply four of the most complex questions man has ever contemplated.” Gordon A. “Stumpy” Harris. Attorney, Seminar Leader, Author of The Mind-Body-Son method For Weight Reduction

“The Four Questions contains a wealth of knowledge on the four crucial questions which lead to inner peace, happiness, and hope. Dr. Henderson replaces ignorance, not with bliss, but with adequate information on addictions and the human struggle.” Reverend Sharon Colbert- Author ofStand With Angels: Conversations With God.

“Addiction is the black plague of the 20th century. Dr. Henderson’s book, The Four Questions,gives those who are ready a concrete, step by step way to become whole and truly free. Dr. Karen PurcelI. Naturopathic Physician, Clinical Nutritionist, Professional Speaker, Founder of the WINS Foundation, and Author of Simplified Nutritional Handbook.

“Doctor Henderson’s book, The Four Questions, can easily help everyone find his or her mission in life. Bill Staton, CFA, CPA, America’s Money Coach@, and Author of 6O-Minute Investing and Lifetime Riches- The Seven Secrets to Multiplying Your Wealth.

The Four Questions, provides all the answers to health, wealth, and happiness.” Dr. Eric Kaplan, Author of Lifestyles of the Fit and Famous and Awaken the Wellness Within.

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