Am I an alcoholic?

Am I an alcoholic?

How would you answer that question? Let’s start by defining addiction. If you have a behavior, any behavior, that you find is hurting you in any way, (physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually), or is hurting someone you love, and you can’t stop that behavior, then you are addicted to that behavior.

I host and produce America’s longest running spiritual radio internet talk show. Two years ago I had a guest on who was an expert on the problems associated with drinking alcohol. He backed up his opinions with valid scientific evidence. He was so knowledgeable that we had six episodes talking about the positives and negatives of drinking alcohol.

We use the Benjamin Franklin method of making a decision. You draw a vertical line down a piece of paper and on one side list the positive reasons and on the other side list the negative ones. Then you add them up and whichever has the most is what you decide to do.

After six episodes there were 2 possible good reasons and 25 bad reasons concerning drinking alcohol.

I have been helping people with their addictive behaviors for almost 50 years and I decided to find out if I was an alcoholic because I had been a social drinker for well over five decades. Now, in answering the question according to the Ben Franklin method, there was no way I could deny that drinking alcohol was bad for me.

So I decided to prove it one way or the other. That very night after the last episode of the show, I decided to not drink anymore. That was two years ago and I have not had a drink since.

So I ask you, “Are you an alcoholic?” Can you do what I did? How would that affect your life? Sure it was fun going to parties, wine tastings, and events with alcohol on board, but is it worth the risk of the bad 25 things?

I would like to send you a virtual copy of Ben Franklin’s book so that you can decide for yourself. Just email me at: and request a copy. Also you can go to my free podcast and find out about addiction and many other interesting things. Go to: It’s free.

Am I an alcoholic?

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