Blueberry Fields Forever   

Blueberry Fields Forever   

 I’ll never forget when I woke up 28 years ago on March 13, 1993 in Knoxville Tennessee. The power was off and I couldn’t open the door because the snow outside was 16 inches tall. This was known as “the storm of the century” or the blizzard of ’93. The wind at 40 mph was howling and it was so very cold. With no electricity, I shut the door and went back to my bedroom which was only slightly warm. I was trying to think what I would do until the snow melted and I got a lantern and by lantern light started writing a poem. As it turned out that was an excellent way to spend my Saturday. Here is what I wrote: Blueberry Fields Forever.

I’ll never forget the tears in daddy’s eyes, 

when I told him about the day 

mommy told me she was going away.

I was five, and we went for a walk by the lake.

As we sat on the hillside, I felt a warm breeze on my face. 

In the distance the water below 

appeared like a mirror in my memory.

Mommy put her arms around me 

and I put my arms around my teddy.

She pointed to some bushes and asked, 

Did you know blueberries are the only blue food?

I thought and thought but could not think of another single one.

Mommy giggled, and I giggled too.

Then mommy told me she was going away 

and I’d have to be brave for daddy.

I wanted to know why and where, but she said she didn’t know.

Only she knew that our love would keep us together, 

if not now, then later.

Mommy said she didn’t want to leave but had no choice.

She told me to remember this day, the sights, the smells, 

the colors, yes even the little blueberries on the hillside.

For someday, somewhere we would be together again, 

sitting here the same way with her arms around me, 

and my arms around teddy.

But I had forgotten.

The pain of her death and the loneliness that followed 

her leaving had pushed the memory out of my mind.

It wasn’t until just tonight 

when daddy bought me some blueberry ice cream, 

that I remembered, mommy and her blueberry fields forever.


Blueberry Fields Forever   

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