I drank a six-pack of Diet Coke with aspartame and here’s what happened!

I drank a six-pack of Diet Coke with aspartame and here’s what happened!

I got married in March of 1985. Two weeks later, I graduated from college. 6 months after that my life was about to change forever. I was helping a friend paint houses while I looked for a job in the field I studied in college. This was just to bring in some money to pay for living expenses while looking for a job.

It was a hot day. We stopped by the store to get snacks and some drinks to keep hydrated. In 1985 they didn’t have bottled water. The choices were soda or bring your own water. I chose Diet Coke. I had enough money for the drinks and some snacks, but not for an ice chest.

I kept the drinks out in the hot sun while I worked in the roof. I would come down from the roof to drink a Coke and then go back to painting. On that day, I consumed a whole 6-pack of Diet Coke. I came home to and my wife had made dinner for me. That night we had dessert with dinner, wouldn’t you know it had to be diet pudding with Nutra-Sweet (which is a brand name for aspartame). My wife and I were relaxing and watching TV when I started to feel very strange. I felt hot, cold, hot, COLD, my chest hurt, I thought I was going to pass out, I ran to the bathroom because I had to vomit, then diarrhea, vomit, and FREEZING cold… This went on back and forth for so long. The sweat was pouring out of me from everywhere you can imagine, my clothes were soaking wet, the floor literally had a puddle of sweet under me . I collapsed on the floor lying in this pool of sweat, my chest hurting so bad, freezing cold even though it was the summer, burning up. Everything hit me at once. I couldn’t move, couldn’t talk, I just laid there like I was dead, totally paralyzed. Sometimes, I wish that I actually died from what I have suffered from that night.

My wife called for help. A short time later, an ambulance, the police and the fire trucks arrived. The paramedics came up the stairs not knowing what to expect. I remember one of the paramedics coming in and seeing me lying there in a pool of sweat. I saw the paramedic’s reaction when he saw me and I knew that it was bad, real bad. At one point, I saw a tunnel, a white tunnel like everyone says that they see, and I saw someone at the end of it, not sure who it was. I then saw my dad, mom, and wife hovering over me crying. I could not say a thing. As I faded off the paramedic slapped me. He slapped me with great force, but I felt nothing, only my head moving to one side, but no pain. It did wake me up.

I was off to the hospital, I don’t remember much of anything from that point. I know I was brought into the ER and admitted right away. I spent 6 long and painful days there. They did give me Diet Coke, not knowing what it had done to my system. I had one reaction after another, vomiting, chest pains, freezing cold spells, burning up spells, and so on. At that time, if I could have figured out a way to kill myself, I would have done it, that is how much pain I was in.

The nurses stuck me with needles just about every hour and then some over my 6 day stay. I had a total of 47 blood tests done on me during the entire stay. Every time a nurse came to stick me, I would end up crying from it. It took over 2 weeks for my arms to heal after that ordeal. I looked like a drug addict with all the needle marks.

I had lost so much weight. My weight was 119 pounds when I left the hospital. I was so weak that my dad and my wife at that time had to carry me to the car. And at home, they carried me straight to bed where I lived for the next year. It was a big challenge to learn how to talk again, since it messed up my speech. I would get so frustrated trying to say something, I knew what I wanted to say, but only gibberish would come out instead. I would talk, then pause, then talk and pause. It was hard to make full sentences. It took many years to regain my speech, to this day I have moments where I get tongue tied. I get confused a lot and call my children their wrong names, not realizing that I did that. My mind thinks one thing, my mouth says another. I was never like that until that night, the night that I suffered from Nutra-Sweet poisoning.

I spent many waking hours at the toilet either vomiting or with diarrhea. Everything I ate made me sick. For the most part, now I have learned what makes me sick and what doesn’t. Sometimes, I slip up and find out after eating out or eating some new products that I have a reaction to them. After getting sick, it knocks me out and I end up feeling real bad for a couple of days.

I lost my job painting houses and was unable to work, forcing us to move in with my parents, so they could take care of me while I was trying to recover. One day my mom told me to watch this show on TV. A lady named Shannon Roth was speaking about how she was poisoned by the Nutra-Sweet in Diet Coke.

This is how I learned about Nutra-Sweet and how bad it was for you. I was able to get a hold of many lab reports from the scientists about Nutra-Sweet toxicity. I have inches of medical papers. These papers were not released to the public.

Shannon Roth was blinded in one eye from Nutra-Sweet . She set out to help people by sharing all this information. But for some reason, she suddenly stopped talking about Nutra-Sweet, not sure why.

Nutra-Sweet did major muscular and neurological damage to my body. I still suffer from many side effects of Nutra-Sweet poisoning, including fibromyalgia, cognitive problems, migraine headaches, numbness in my bladder, and not knowing if I have to urinate or not. Also, areas on my back are numb even though I can feel they itch deep down. The list goes on and on.

My life has been a living hell from that day, that one day, that I drank the 6 pack of Diet Coke with aspartame hot.

I drank a six-pack of Diet Coke with aspartame and here’s what happened!

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