The drugs I use to boost my immune system against Covid-19

The drugs I use to boost my immune system against Covid-19

Over the last year, I have spent a considerable amount of time researching scientific studies into drugs and supplements that would help prevent and/or treat the Covid-19 pandemic virus. My first effort was to review front line doctors treating the disease in its earliest stages, and I found over a thousand cases of patients with early treatment of hydroxychloroquine that got well and didn’t require hospitalization and all the risks associated with being on a respirator. Hydroxychloroquine has been shown to be safe and effective and has been approved and used for many years for other conditions. However, certain segments of the healthcare administration, national media, big Pharma, and others did not want to see this inexpensive drug used. To that extent, they put pressure on doctors and pharmacists not to prescribe nor dispense it.

So then I went to find over-the-counter supplements that were not controlled by government agencies as were prescription drugs. As a result of my research, I found the following supplements which I now take on a daily basis for their combined help in preventing and/or minimizing the risk of a Covid-19 infection.

These supplements combined, make a remarkable improvement in one’s immune system function so that it minimizes the harm of the virus. I am not proposing that everyone who reads my list makes it your list. As with any supplement, you should check with your doctor first. However, I have had no side effects or complications from taking the supplements in the dosages that I currently am taking them. These supplements are readily available over the counter and are inexpensive.

Vitamin D3. There are many studies showing the effectiveness of this vitamin in combating the Covid-19 virus. Positive results are obtained with blood levels between 40 and 80 µg per cc. I started at 10,000 IU per day and after testing, have increased that dosage to 25,000 IU per day in divided doses

Zinc. This mineral increases the effectiveness of vitamin D3. I began taking 50 mg per day and later increased that to 100 mg per day in divided doses.

Vitamin C. I initially took 1000 mg per day but subsequently increase that to 2000 mg per day.

Goji Extract. I take 600 mg per day.

ASA (aspirin). I take 83 mg per day at bedtime.

Melatonin. I take 5 mg per day at bedtime.

I sincerely hope that my research to find the truth just below the surface will help you in your attempt to avoid the SARS CoV-2 virus and to minimize its negative effect on your health and on your life.

The drugs I use to boost my immune system against Covid-19

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