What Website Has The Most Romantic Scammers?

Today on The Freedom From Addiction Show, Rev. Winn Henderson will explain the website has the most romantic scamming.

Rev. Winn Henderson M.D. is a retired physician with over 20 years of clinical experience. He is the author or co-author of 43 books including The Cure of Addiction, The Four Questions, Share Your Mission, The Deposition, The Secret to Happiness, The 12 Steps: A Recovery Program Explained and Revised, The Secret to Happiness, Freedom From Addiction, Freedom From Addiction II, and most recently Freedom From Addiction 3.

For the last 40+ years Dr. Henderson has been counseling both in person and by telephone clients from all over the world on issues of addiction and finding one’s purpose in life.

He is the host of a 17 year long running radio talk show: Share Your Mission which seeks to give examples of how having a life purpose brings happiness, contentment, joy, peace of mind, and success. Dr. Henderson’s mission in life is to help you find yours. Since 2016 the doctor has presented a podcast on iTunes entitled: Freedom From Addiction.

Dr. Henderson has quite a story to tell of his personal transformation in 1990 and how he reinvented himself. You can read the back story in Freedom From Addiction (2011).You can contact the doctor at 828-508-7981 or winn@winnhenderson.com.


What Website Has The Most Romantic Scammers?

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